Mobile Computing (Bs)

Mobile Computing is a class held since 2016, where we will see together how to develop a game or an app from scratch. We will have dedicated sessions on videogames with Unreal and Unity, gaming, and storytelling. We will cover everything we need in a workplace, from git and UI/UX to Flutter and MAUI, from backends with REST and storage to privacy and user engagement.

Computer Graphics (Ms)

Computer Graphics is a class held since 2022 that will introduce all basic aspects of the field, from both technical and artistic point of views, with a hint on both videogames and the movie industry. We will study the real GPU hardware architectures and modern APIs like OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX, along with the Unreal game engine. We will also cover topics like meshes, curves and surfaces, rendering, lighting and shadows. From the artistic perspective we will see the principles of a good animation, colors and perception.


Just ask yourself: "What do I want to learn?". This is the right time to start learning something new, something that really interests you. Where are these topics applied in real life? Fluid dynamics, elastoplasticity, and meshing are the bases for videogame engines, movie animations, and of course, scientific computing. This is your thesis, do something you love: your proposals are more than welcome!